Red Light Therapy Mask Review: Top 10 on Amazon

Are They Really the “BEST” Masks?

This is not your usual review site! I will be taking a deep dive into Amazon’s Top Ten Lists in various categories. Our first foray will be into the world of red light therapy mask.  Let’s face it, Amazon is The King of e-commerce and we all shop there for our everyday needs and also things that we don’t really need. It’s quick, easy and a lot of us already have an Amazon Prime membership. 148 million people (70% of Amercian buyers) have a prime account, amazing!  So I am doing my reviews with a different twist: I am examining the top 10 selling products in a category and then seeing if they are really worthy of being purchased.  Just because they are popular and the best selling product, does that really mean they are the “best”?  longest lasting?  highest quality? well maybe yes or maybe no, let’s find out together.  

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Amazon Best Selling Products: Are They Really the Best Product for You? 

I have done a deep dive into the Top Ten Products like it’s never been done before! First I have used a special software to tell me exactly which products have the highest volume of sales in a given category. Just because a product came up first in your search doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best one for you. It could significantly depend on the keywords you use. My software tells me which product has the most sales on a monthly basis. 

Second, I have taken the most recent 100 reviews and summarized them for you. I emphasis the most RECENT reviews because these are the last 100 customers to leave reviews, not the ones that have been voted as most helpful which is an entirely different thing. It’s easy for a seller to have reviews voted up as helpful, therefore artificially pushing them to the top and hence showing at the top of the reviews where most people are likely to quickly scan over them. What’s more important is how are people feeling about the product lately?  

Products that have 1,000’s of reviews require special attention. These are ones we tend to put the most trust and faith into, 1,000 of customers have given this product the thumbs up right? What could make it more trust worthy then that? You would be surprised how often this is not true! Sellers who are trying to game the system will recycle listings to make it look like they have tons of reviews. That means the listing was for a different product or perhaps several different products over time and they have reused that asin number and listing and therefore also the reviews for the new product. I have even seen a product that actually had only 2 reviews but seems to have over 2,000 reviews according to Amazon! 

Thirdly I given my thoughts and perspective on the product after analyzing the real reviews and taking into consideration the review manipulation the seller may have been involved in. I give it an overall rating and note as to why I have given the product this rating. 

So if you really want to know what product is worth buying without spending hours looking over each product listing and doing a deep dive into their reviews bookmark this site! I will do all the hard work for you.  

Here is the list of categories we have done a deep dive into so far. If you don’t see one you are looking for email me I am happy to add it to my to do list! Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Ginny’s Top Picks!

After analyzing the top ten listings thoroughly as per my deep dive method above I give these 2 below the highest marks and recommend them as my top picks if I was going to buy a mask on Amazon.  Click on the products to open full reviews.

#1 Overall pick:  Hottoerak Red Light MaskHottoerak red light mask




Nourished Bodynskin Red Light Mask#2 Overall Pick: Bodynskin Red Light Mask 




Top 10 Selling Products on Amazon

As per my introduction I am giving you the skinny on The Top 10 Selling light therapy masks on Amazon, above I provided a spoiler alert and cut to the chase on the ones that I would recommend as my favourites.   *in order of sales volume:


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