Aphrona Red Light Mask

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Aphrona Red Light Mask

Brand: Aphrona
Price: $207.99 (Range: $207.99- $259.99)
Release Date: 09/02/2023
Ratings: 4.2 Overall 335 Total
5 Stars 70%, 4 Stars 9%, 3 Stars 7%, 2 Stars 2%, 1 Stars 12%

Our Rating: 2 out of 4 Stars


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Why the low score?: This one gets a higher review rate even with the below issues because of the responsiveness of the seller. Nine customer’s said it stopped working after several uses. However one review said the company reached out to them and offered and sent a new replacement mask. Remember it always pays to reach out the seller directly! After reading the reviews it seems to be rather heavy 3.5 pounds and the eye glasses will leave an impression on your skin for upto half an hour. Some people love the neck piece but remember most masks will also shed the light onto your neck without an extra piece being needed.


1. Improved Skin Appearance: Many customers reported visible improvements in their skin texture, reduced wrinkles, and overall skin quality after using the LED face mask.
2. Treatment Versatility: Customers appreciated the versatility of the mask, which offers multiple light therapy options (blue and red lights) for addressing various skin concerns such as acne and aging.
3. Ease of Use: Users found the mask easy to use, with adjustable straps for a comfortable fit and simple controls for choosing light modes and intensity.
4. Acne Reduction: The blue light therapy was effective in reducing acne breakouts and inflammation for several users, leading to clearer skin.
5. Convenience: The mask’s hands-free design allowed users to multitask or relax during their skincare routine, and it was comfortable to wear.
6. High-Quality Build: Customers praised the mask’s build quality, including soft materials and a secure fit.
7. Positive Impact on Skin Health: Many customers reported healthier, more radiant skin, which boosted their confidence and satisfaction with the product.


1. Button Sensitivity Issues: The most common complaint was related to the sensitivity of the touch buttons, which were sometimes too sensitive or unresponsive, causing frustration for users.
2. Comfort Issues: Several users found the mask uncomfortable, with discomfort around the eyes, nose, and chin area. Some users also noted that the mask was heavy.
3. Battery Life and Charging: Many customers reported issues with the mask’s battery life, stating that it didn’t last as long as advertised (less than 25 minutes), and some experienced problems with charging.
4. Fogging of Eye Protection: Some users mentioned that the eye protection fogged up during use, which impaired their vision and comfort.
5. Neck Attachment: A few users found the neck attachment uncomfortable or inconvenient to use.
6. Weight: Some users noted that the mask’s weight was not ideal, causing discomfort during prolonged use.
7. Price: Although not a major concern, some customers mentioned the initial cost of the product as a consideration.

Based on these reviews, it’s clear that the LED face mask offers various benefits, particularly in improving skin appearance and versatility. However, issues with button sensitivity, comfort, battery life, and fogging were notable pain points for some users.


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