Banniver Red Light Mask

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Banniver Red Light Mask

Banniver Red Light Mask

Price: $49.99 (Range: $58.99- $38.99)

Release Date: 07/13/2022

Ratings: 4.2 Overall 205 Total

5 Stars 61%, 4 Stars 14%, 3 Stars 12%, 2 Stars 7%, 1 Star 6%

Our Rating: 2 out of 4 stars


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Why the low rating?: 16 customers said they had functional problems with the mask. The top complaint was that it  would not hold a charge, second that it turned off after only a minute or two. Also a few said that it stopped working all together after a few months. Three people said the light was very weak (they were not part of the 16). This mask is very cheap so I think it’s a good start mask and is a case of you get what you pay for!


1. Lightweight and Comfortable: Many customers appreciate that the LED face mask is lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods.
2. Various Light Colors: Users like the availability of seven different light colors, each with its own intended skincare benefits.
3. Easy to Use: Customers find the mask easy to use, with simple operation and no complex setup.
4. Convenience: The mask allows users to multitask while wearing it, making it convenient for daily use.
5. Rechargeable: The fact that it’s rechargeable is seen as a positive feature, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacement.
6. Visible Results: Some users report positive changes in their skin, such as reduced acne, smaller pores, and improved complexion, suggesting that the product may deliver noticeable results.
7. Affordable: Many customers appreciate that the LED face mask offers skincare benefits at an affordable price compared to more expensive alternatives.


1. Durability Issues: Several customers mentioned durability issues, with the mask not working or holding a charge after a short period of use.
2. Effectiveness Uncertainty: Some users expressed uncertainty about the product’s effectiveness, indicating that they did not notice significant improvements in their skin.
3. Quality Concerns: A few customers complained about the low-quality build of the mask, suggesting that it might not be as durable as they expected.
4. Missing Accessories: Some customers received the product without all the expected accessories, leading to disappointment.
5. Lack of Customer Service: A couple of users mentioned poor customer service experiences, including unresponsive sellers when addressing issues.
6. Discomfort for Glasses Wearers: It was noted that wearing glasses with the mask might not be comfortable for some users.
7. Charging Issues: A few users reported difficulties with charging the mask, leading to usability problems.


Recommendation: Based on the reviews, it appears that the product has both positive and negative aspects. While some users have experienced positive results and find it convenient and affordable, others have encountered durability and effectiveness issues. It’s essential to consider your specific skincare needs and preferences when deciding whether to purchase this product.
If you prioritize affordability and convenience and are willing to take the risk of potential durability issues, this product might be worth trying. However, if you are seeking guaranteed skincare results or a higher-quality product, you may want to explore other options or invest in a more reputable LED face mask with better reviews and ratings. Additionally, it’s advisable to check the return policy and warranty offered by the seller before making a purchase, especially considering the reported durability concerns


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