LuxRenew Red Light Mask

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LuxRenew Red Light Mask LuxRenew Red Light Mask 

Price: $124.99 (Range: $159.99- $8.99)

Release Date: 07/18/2023 april?

Ratings: 4.4 Overall  39 Total

5 Stars 84%, 4 Stars 0%, 3 Stars  35%, 2 Stars 0%, 1 Star 11%

Our Rating: 3 out of 4 stars


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This looks to be the same mask as Bubloc above. This is not unheard of as Seller’s sometimes see what is selling well and will source the same product. It seems they were released about the same time, however given this one was once $8.99 that tells me there was probably a promo at the beginning to stimulate reviews. This one has a more natural review rating with some 1 stars. As they say you can’t please everyone! this is why I give it an extra bump over its above competitor.


1. Skin Improvement: Many customers reported seeing improvements in their skin after using the mask, such as tighter and more youthful-looking skin, fading of dark spots, and increased skin elasticity.
2. Comfort and Lightweight Design: Customers frequently mentioned that the mask is comfortable to wear, lightweight, and soft on the skin.
3. Cordless and Hands-Free Use: Users appreciate the cordless design, which allows them to move around freely during LED treatments without being tethered to a cord.
4. Easy to Use: Customers find the mask easy to operate with its simple one-button control for switching and gear adjustment.
5. Variety of Light Options: Users like that the mask offers multiple light therapy options, including near-infrared, amber, red, and deep red lights, addressing various skin concerns.
6. Cost-Effective: Some customers mentioned that using this mask is a cost-effective alternative to salon facial therapy, potentially saving them money.
7. Responsive Customer Service: A few customers noted positive experiences with the company’s customer service, particularly when addressing issues with the product.


1. Confusion with Light Settings: Some customers found it challenging to figure out how to change the light settings, indicating a potential issue with user-friendliness.
2. Allergic Reactions: There was a mention of the mask causing skin breakouts in one review, which raised concerns about potential allergic reactions.
3. Size and Claustrophobia: A few users mentioned feeling claustrophobic while wearing the mask, indicating that the fit or size may not be suitable for everyone.
4. Refund and Pricing Issues: One customer mentioned difficulties with obtaining a refund and discrepancies in the refund amount, suggesting potential issues with the company’s return policy.
5. Initial Confusion: Some users initially struggled with setting up the mask or understanding its operation.
6. Not Suitable for Everyone: The mask may not be suitable for those who are uncomfortable with wearing face masks for extended periods.
7. No Instant Results: Some customers did not see immediate results and expressed hope for more noticeable improvements with continued use.


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