Nourished Bodynskin Red Light Mask

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Nourished Bodynskin Red Light Mask Nourished Bodynskin Red Light Mask

Price: $159.99 (Range: $99.99- $253.46)
Release Date: 01/07/2023
Ratings: 4.3 Overall 209 Total
5 starts 58%, 4 Stars 25%, 3 Stars 7%, 2 Stars 3%, 1 Star 7%

Our Rating: 3.5 out of 4 stars

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My Thoughts:  This is my favourite style as mentioned above plus it comes with the extra neck piece. This is not really necessary as the light will reach your neck with the mask itself anyway but it is a nice bonus. What I like most about this mask is it seems that ALL the reviews are real! It also had a few  Vine Reviews which tells me they are not seeking out fake ones but leaving upto Amazon to help find authentic reviewer’s. A couple of recent reviews point out the uncomfortable fit, let’s face it our faces are not all the same size! So something to consider when looking for a mask. Also a comment about being ”preowned” that is often an Amazon mistake returning a returned item into inventory when they should not have. Overall customers seem to like this mask and therefore I give it a thumbs up!


1. Skin Improvement: Many customers reported improvements in their skin, including smoother texture, reduced wrinkles, and acne scars, and brighter complexion.
2. Comfortable and Easy to Use: Customers found the mask comfortable to wear and appreciated the flexible silicone material. They also mentioned that it was easy to use.
3. Various Light Settings: The product offers various LED light settings, allowing users to customize their treatment according to their needs.
4. Neck and Decolletage Coverage: Customers liked that the mask includes a separate attachment for the neck area, providing more comprehensive skincare.
5. Good Value for Money: Several customers mentioned that this mask offers good value compared to more expensive options available on the market.
6. Relaxation and Convenience: Some users found the mask relaxing to use and incorporated it into their skincare routines easily.
7. Positive Customer Service: Many reviewers praised the customer service they received when dealing with issues, such as faulty devices or missing items.


1. Fit and Comfort Issues: Some customers experienced discomfort or difficulty achieving a secure fit with the mask. They mentioned issues with straps and nose pressure.
2. Eye Protection: Several users found the provided eye protectors insufficient and had to find alternative solutions to protect their eyes during use.
3. Battery Life: A common complaint was that the battery life was relatively short, requiring frequent recharging.

4. Durability Concerns: Some customers reported that their devices malfunctioned or stopped working after a relatively short period of use.
5. Lack of Printed Instructions: Some users expressed frustration with the lack of printed instructions and the need to access digital instructions via a QR code.
6. Overwhelming Light Settings: A few customers felt overwhelmed by the variety of light settings and were unsure which one to choose for their specific needs.
7. Fit for Different Face Shapes: While the mask is flexible and adaptable, it may not fit perfectly on all face shapes, leading to varying levels of comfort.

Recommendation: Based on the reviews, the product seems to offer several benefits, such as skin improvement, comfort, versatility, and good customer service. However, it’s not without its drawbacks, particularly in terms of fit and eye protection. The overall positive feedback suggests that it can be a valuable addition to a skincare routine, especially for those seeking affordable LED light therapy at home.

Whether to buy this product or not depends on individual preferences and priorities. If the benefits align with your skincare goals and you are willing to address potential comfort and fit issues, it could be a worthwhile purchase. Additionally, it’s essential to consider the return policy and warranty when making a decision, as some customers mentioned durability concerns.


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