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Are They Really the “BEST” Microcurrent Devices out there?

This is not your usual review site! I will be taking a deep dive into Amazon’s Top Ten Lists in various categories.
Let’s face it Amazon is The King of ecommerce and we all shop there for our everyday needs and also things that we don’t really need. It’s quick, easy and a lot of us already have an Amazon Prime membership. 148 million people or 70% of American’s have a prime account! Amazing. So I am doing my reviews with a different twist. I am examining the top 10 selling products in a category and then seeing if they are really worthy of being purchased. Just because they are popular and the best selling product, does that really mean they are the best? the longest lasting? the highest quality? well maybe yes or maybe not but let’s find out together.
Link here to learn more about my completely unique and thorough way to analyze each product listing:  Ginny’s Analysis

Ginny’s Reflections:

This category of products was a real challenge and it took a long time and a lot of energy to put this article together! I analyzed the top ten selling products on Amazon and shockingly can not recommend any of them! So then I went further afield, I did something different and looked at some top magazine’s like Cosmo and Women’s Health and examined their top picks. Again some were really poorly received by a majority of Amazon customer’s based on the reviews. Including some really terrible reviews, particularly for one of Women’s Health top picks! But I persevered and came up with a few that I would recommend, with some caveat’s.
I believe part of the problem is that these are electronical devices. So by nature you are going to have a higher defect rate then other products. They have intricate, fragile parts and are for the most part being shipped from across the other side of the world. Secondly the next problem seems to be an individuals sensitivity to these devices. By nature a microcurrent is just that, an electrical current being discharged into your face. A small but note worthy percentage of the reviews pointed out that the device they bought was too strong and was too painful to use, for some devices this was true even at a lower level of current. Others seemed to have problems if they had silver fillings. It seemed to cause mouth pain. NuFace had a specific warning on their site stating who their device is NOT suitable for (see details under their review HERE).
Then you had other customers that loved whichever device they had bought. They couldn’t rave about it enough. And of course as always there was a handful of brands that were bad actors, those that had thousands of reviews but in reality the reviews were for other products!
The bottom line is my strong advice is that no matter which device you choose to buy ensure you do these three things:

  1. Buy it from Amazon – most devices will NOT give you a refund once the box is open. As we know any product selling on Amazon has a 30 day money back guarantee. So at least you have 30 days to ensure its not too strong and love your device, at least at first.
  2. Ensure its Real – one brand had a disclaimer on their website warning people of fakes selling on Amazon. Double check you are actually buying from the brand directly on Amazon. Under the title it say “Brand” this should say the Brands name not some third party unrecognizable seller’s name.
  3. Register for the Warranty – I have included the warranty info from each of my top pick’s website. Most have a one or two year replacement warranty. Remember that’s replacement NOT refund!
  4. Use it Right Away! – as Amazon gives you 30 days to return your device ensure you open it and use it many times that first month. That way if you hate it, the current is too strong for you or any other reason you are unhappy, you can simply return it to Amazon.

Below are my top three picks for Microcurrent devices. I highly recommend you read some of the ones that did not make the top three list, if only for entertainment value. Surprisingly none of my top picks are the top selling devices on Amazon! If you are at all tempted to buy one of the cheaper, best selling ones listed on Amazon please do read my review of that device first!

Ginny’s Top Picks!  Microcurrent Devices

#1 Overall Pick


Voted #1 by Cosmopolitan Magazine for “Best Multitasking Micro Current Device”


Voted “Best Microcurrent Devices for Small Areas” by Cosmopolitan Magazine


Includes: Aqua Gel Activator


Includes: Effective Lip & Eye Attachment Set

As per my introduction I usually give you the skinny on The Top 10 Selling products on Amazon, (in this case the top selling microcurrent devices). However above I have listed my picks which are surprisingly NOT the top seller’s on Amazon. However I did do a deep dive into the top six sellers and below are my reflections on each.  *in order of sales volume:

  1. 1. Pure Daily Care REVIEW HERE

  2. Mcsypoal REVIEW HERE

  3. Auyukoi REVIEW HERE

  4. VitaPointe REVIEW HERE

  5. Gilukiyu REVIEW HERE

  6. Baloom REVIEW HERE


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