NuFACE Trinity+ and Effective Lip & Eye Attachment Set

NuFACE Trinity+     

Brand: NuFace Trinity+
Price: $495.00 (Range: $595- $480)
Release Date: ?????
Ratings: 4.1 Overall, 595 Total
5 Stars 63%, 4 Stars 13%, 3 Stars 7%, 2 Stars 2%, 1 Star 14%
Our Rating: 7 out of 10

Why: The NuFACE Trinity+ has been on the market a long time, much longer then most of the other micro current devices on Amazon. Also unlike most of the other devices on Amazon it is sold by an North American company. Since there have been varying reports about NuFace’s customer service I would strongly suggest when buying any electrical device you get the extra insurance Amazon offers to up the warranty to one or more years. For a small percentage of the sale price its worth it to ensure that you get the replacement you may need. I give this 7 stars only because one I am not sure you need all these extra products with the device. The brush and gels. Personally I buy another conductive gel off Amazon which has a lovely blend of Korean based ingredients in it. I love this one and leave it on for an extra face mask effect when I have time. Korean Conductive Gel.

I am also unconvinced that you need to use an extra tool which is the lip and eye attachment. I don’t see any reason why you cannot use the bigger device around these areas too.


  1. Visible Results: Many customers reported visible improvements in skin tightness, reduction of wrinkles, and overall facial lifting, even after a short period of use.
  2. Convenience and Cost Savings: Users appreciated the convenience of having a microcurrent device at home, avoiding the need for spa treatments. Some mentioned cost savings compared to professional treatments.
  3. Red Light Attachment Benefits: The red light attachment was praised for its effectiveness in reducing crow’s feet, forehead lines, and improving overall skin texture.
  4. Ease of Use: Customers found the device easy to use, with specific praise for the eye/lip attachment, automated intensity adjustment, and the ability to use alternative conductive gels.
  5. Travel-Friendly: Users noted the device’s portability and its ability to hold a charge for multiple treatments, making it suitable for travel.


  1. Dental Issues with Metal Fillings: Several customers experienced dental pain and issues, including a displaced filling and the need for a root canal, allegedly caused by using the microcurrent device with metal fillings.
  2. Device Malfunctions: Multiple users reported issues with the device malfunctioning, such as losing charge quickly, not staying powered on, or cracking, indicating potential durability concerns.
  3. Expensive Gel and Limited Quantity: Some customers mentioned dissatisfaction with the cost of the conductive gel provided with the device, and a few found the quantity insufficient for prolonged use.
  4. Time-Consuming: A few users expressed that using the device regularly for noticeable results can be a significant time commitment, which may be inconvenient for those with busy schedules.
  5. High Price and Limited Warranty: The high cost of the product was a concern for some customers, especially when facing malfunctions. There were also mentions of dissatisfaction with the warranty or return policy.


Other Insights:

  1. Individual Variability: Results and experiences varied among users, with some seeing immediate improvements, while others required consistent and prolonged use to notice changes.
  2. Compatibility Concerns: Specific warnings were mentioned regarding the incompatibility of the device with metal fillings, implants, or devices in the mouth or head, potentially causing dental issues.
  3. Mixed Reviews on Additional Attachments: Users had mixed opinions on the effectiveness of various attachments, with some finding significant improvements, especially with the red light attachment, while others saw minimal differences.
  4. Customer Service Issues: Some customers expressed dissatisfaction with NuFace’s customer service, citing delays in responses to warranty inquiries and difficulties in resolving issues.
  5. Price Fluctuations: A few users mentioned experiencing disappointment due to price fluctuations shortly after their purchase, leading to a sense of being overcharged.

Things to keep in mind….

The old Trinity from 2022 does not seem to work with the new attachments.

“This attachment is not sized for use with the 2022 Trinity Kit. The product design changed.”

A lot of these microcurrent devices have the same issue of problems with those that have silver fillings. So if you experience any issue with your teeth you should stop using whatever micro device you have immediately.

Who cannot use NuFACE?

The NuFACE Trinity ELE is contraindicated against and should not be used if you are under 18, are pregnant, have a pacemaker and/or electronic implanted device, have epilepsy/seizures or active cancer.


Warranty and Defective Products

If you are outside of our return period, and your product turns out to be defective we are here to help. Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you with a manufacture replacement. The replacement terms vary from brand to brand, but let us help you communicate with the brand or research a replacement option.

NuFACE Warranty Policy:

We honor NuFACE one (1) year warranty for most devices and two (2) year for the PRO (400 microamp) devices covering any manufacturer related problems resulting from everyday use of the product. Warranties are only valid for items returned within the warranty dates. This warranty is void if the product has been subject to an accident, misuse, abuse improper maintenance or repair, unauthorized modification, or any other use not found in the printed instructions.