Pure Nu-Derma Daily Care Review

Pure Nu-Derma

Pure Nu-Derma Daily Care

Price: $69.95 (Range: ??)
Release Date: ???
Ratings: 4.4 Overall 19,600 Total
5 Stars 71%, 4 Stars 14%, 3 Stars 8%, 2 Stars 3%, 1 Star 5%
Our Rating: 3 out of 10

Why: The Pure Nu-Derma Daily Care is the best selling device on Amazon at the time of writing of this article. This is unbelievable to me as I would definitely Not recommend purchasing this one based on the reviews and review manipulation that is clearly happening with this device and company. There are 25 reviewers alone in the last few years that mentioned the device broke sometime after the 30 day refund period. Only two mentioned that they tried to get a refund and were unsuccessful. Any upstanding company will work with you to ensure that you are happy with their product. There will always be a small defect rate with any product but its what the company does when you reach out to them that counts. And yes you should always reach out and ask! Amazon will not help you after your 30 days are over but the seller should!

Also since writing this article this device is presently out of stock. Hummm wonder if they plan on discontinuing it!



  1. Effective for Acne and Skin Texture:
    • Several users reported positive results in reducing acne, improving skin texture, and achieving a healthy glow.
  2. Hair Growth Stimulation:
    • Users mentioned success in using the wand for hair growth, particularly in addressing thinning hair and stimulating hair follicles. However one person said it made their hair fall out.
  3. Ease of Use:
    • Positive comments were made about the product being easy to use, with users noting a convenient and straightforward application.
  4. Noticeable Changes in a Short Period:
    • Some users experienced visible improvements, such as clearer skin and reduced fine lines, after just a few uses.
  5. Responsive Customer Service:
    • One person noted a positive experience regarding customer service, with quick responses and replacement of a broken attachment.


  1. Skin Reactions and Side Effects:
    • Negative experiences included skin breakouts, splotchiness, and red bumps, indicating potential adverse reactions for some users.
  2. Durability and Build Quality:
    • Complaints were raised about the device’s durability, with reports of malfunctioning after a short period and concerns about loose pieces. It looks like it was metal in the photos but customers claimed the wand is made of fragile glass and many complained that it broke.
  3. Potential for Discomfort and Migraines:
    • Some users reported discomfort during use, and migraines were mentioned as a side effect, suggesting potential issues for certain individuals. Also some found the product emits an unpleasant odor, likely due to the gas used. There were also comments on the noise it makes during operation
  4. Missing Attachments and Packaging Issues:
    • Complaints included missing attachments, issues with packaging, and the possibility of receiving a previously opened or used product.
  5. Limited Instructions and Caution Needed:
    • Some users mentioned missing or unclear instructions, emphasizing the need for caution, especially for individuals with specific health conditions.

It’s essential to consider that individual reactions to skincare devices can vary, and factors such as skin type, health conditions, and adherence to instructions play a role in the overall user experience. This pro and con list aims to provide a balanced overview based on the reviews provided.

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1 Stars comments:

25+ reviews over the last 2 years said that the device broke! Several said it was after the 30 day return period. 2 people said the company would not provide a refund or replacement. It is always best to reach out directly to the company after the 30 day Amazon warrantee period as this is where you are usually going to get the best result. Any worthy brand owner will take care of their customers and offer a replacement or refund if something like this breaks down within a reasonable period of time. An item like this wand should surely last more then 30 days!!

Comments directly from customer reviews:

2 weeks and it’s broken twice, that’s not acceptable. It’s pretty clear the manufacturing is shoddy & there’s no way they don’t already know that.

Light headed and nauseous. The smell of gas lingered for many hours.

Overwhelming ozone smell immediately…Felt nauseous, dizzy and ‘off’ for hours after initial use. Buy with caution.

Broke after 1 month. Company won’t Replace or Refund.