Auyukoi Face Massager

Auyukoi Face Massager          

Brand: Auyukoi
Price: $29.99 (Range: $29.99- $29.99)
Release Date: 10/28/2023
Ratings: 3.3 Overall 17,396 Total
5 Stars 68%, 4 Stars 22%, 3 Stars 6%, 2 Stars 2%, 1 Star 2%
Our Rating: 1 out of 10

Why: Review Manipulation!!

There is no pro’s & con’s list here because there is a total of 7 reviews for the Auyukoi Face Massager, and they are not great. With an overall rating of 3.53stars I do not recommend this product till we see more people testing it out. If it was not an electrical device I would not be so worried. Great new products launch all the time on Amazon but with electrical device it can take more then 30 days for the device to breakdown and who knows if the brand owner will stand behind it or not. However given the below about review manipulation this is not a brand to be trusted!

Again since beginning this article this brand now only have 12 reviews! Obviously they were caught for review manipulation and had most of the reviews taken away.

FAKE Reviews!!!

I see there are only 3 reviews from the USA talking about this product and the rest are from India, as recent as a few days ago as of this writing. These reviews are talking about some type of body soap 5 pack. I don’t understand how they can sell different products under the same ASIN in different countries but this is clearly review manipulation! This seller is trying to game the system and deceive the buyer into believing they have thousands of positive, happy customers for this product when really they have 3 reviews for this micro current device,  one of which is a one star review.

Reviews for other products:

Using since 2yrs each bar has a unique aroma and also lasts longer than other soaps.

A good toilet soap. It keeps the skin soft and has a pleasing fragrance. This pack provides a welcome variety to the everyday bath.