NuFACE Mini+ Skincare Regimen


Brand: NuFace
Price: $212.50 (Range: $211.95- $250.00)
Release Date: 01/10/2023
Ratings: 4.1 Overall 272 Total
5 Stars 61%, 4 Stars 17%, 3 Stars 7%, 2 Stars 3%, 1 Star 11%
Our Rating: 6 out of 10

I wanted to give NuFACE Mini+ Skincare Regimen a higher rating but was really surprised after reading the reviews! It’s a well established company and I consider a leader in this market of microcurrent devices. However so many people report problems with the app and several said the customer service was lack luster and uncaring. Also you are paying a lot more money then the other but this package includes a brush and conductive gel to get you started. However I found their conductive gel is over priced and you can easily get a gel that is just as good for much less $$$.


  1. Consistent Use and Visible Results:

Users emphasize the importance of consistent use for positive results. Visible improvements in skin tone and firmness are reported

  • Users notice positive changes in skin tone, firmness, and reduction in sagging, especially in areas like cheeks and jowls.
  1. Comparisons with Other Treatments:
    • Users compare the device’s effectiveness to professional treatments like fillers and face lifts, noting positive outcomes with the microcurrent device. Favorable comparisons with expensive salon procedures and injections contribute to the perceived value of the microcurrent device.


  1. Positive Impact on Cheeks, Jowls, Neck, and Forehead:
    • Multiple reviews highlight positive changes in areas such as cheeks, jowls, neck, and forehead, leading to increased satisfaction and confidence.
  2. Mixed Reviews on Quick Results:
    • While some users notice immediate results, others express disappointment, stating that changes may take longer, up to three months.
  3. Cost-Effective Home Treatment:
    • Users view the device as a cost-effective alternative to salon treatments, representing a valuable addition to their skincare routines.
    • App Connectivity:
  • Users appreciate the device’s ease of use, with positive comments on its design, portability, and the accompanying app for guided routines.


  1. Inconsistent Results:
    • Some users express disappointment due to a lack of noticeable changes, even after using the device regularly.
  2. Device Malfunction:
    • Issues with the device malfunctioning or ceasing to work are mentioned, impacting the overall user experience.
  3. App for Device:
    • A lot of users had difficulties in connecting the device to the app which hinder them from accessing guided routines and tracking progress.


  1. Concerns About Side Effects:
    • Reports of severe migraines and skepticism about potential long-term side effects raise safety concerns among users. Another user describes a terrible migraine after using the product, expressing concern about potential side effects and criticizing the manufacturer’s response.


  1. Limited Information in User Manual:


  • Complaints about the user manual’s small print and the absence of online access for the manual contributed to user frustration.


A word about recent Negative Reviews: Top of Form


Seven out of the most recent, last ten reviews are very negative! (remember this is different then the “Top Reviews”). Read more about the difference here.  This is surprising to me as this is a well known company. Some of the most negative recurring comments are below:

One of the advantages of this device is the app that you can connect your device to gage how well you are doing, however many comments mentioned not being able to pair the device:

I am tech savvy…. this device will not connect to the app.

If you’re wanting to purchase this to use along with the app then don’t. The app never works and I can’t get them to sync.