MCSYPOAL Microcurrent Facial Device Review

MCSYPOAL Microcurrent Facial Device      

MCSYPOAL Microcurrent Facial Device

Price: $49.99 (Range: $79.99- $29.99)
Release Date: 06/2023
Ratings: 4.4 Overall 796 Total
5 Stars 69%, 4 Stars 11%, 3 Stars 8%, 2 Stars 3%, 1 Star 8%
Our Rating: 3 out of 10

Why: Regarding the MCSYPOAL Microcurrent Facial Device, after reading the reviews I am skeptical that this product works with any consistency. Although some love it and say it works fine, over 12% were dissatisfied and many said it broke down after a few months. Nobody mentioned getting a refund or replacement which concerns me. Any good seller would allow for a defect rate and offer at least a replacement.

According to one of their bullet point on the their listing they highlight the fact that they will get back to you quickly:

  • [Quality Customer Service] Feel free to contact us if you have any problem and we will get back to you within 24 hours to help you out, so please buy with confidence.

For only $5.99 you can add a 2 year warranty – not a bad idea with the inconsistency of this product.

  1. Effectiveness: Users generally reported positive results, such as firmer and smoother skin. Some noticed improvements in under-eye lines, chin texture, and nasolabial folds.
  2. Ease of Use: The majority found the device easy to use, handle, and incorporate into their daily routine.
  3. Visible Results: Many users mentioned visible results, such as lifted and tightened skin, after consistent use.
  4. Convenience: Users appreciated the compact and efficient design of the massager, making it easy to grab and use without a complex setup.

Concerns and Considerations:

  1. Consistency in Results: Some users experienced inconsistent results over time. A few mentioned that the microcurrent feature didn’t work consistently or as effectively after some use.
  2. Sensitivity and Reactions: A couple of users reported sensitivity or adverse reactions. One user mentioned an intense shock, while another experienced muscle spasms and potential breakouts.
  3. Interaction with Dental Fillings: A cautionary note was raised regarding the potential interaction with dental fillings, causing intense pain.
  4. Return and Refund Issues: A few users expressed disappointment with the product’s durability and had challenges returning or getting a refund.


  1. Conductive Gel: Several users recommended using a conductive gel for better results. Tis is a must with any micro current device.
  2. Consistency: Consistency in usage was emphasized for optimal results. Users noted improvements with daily use.
  3. Hydration: Applying serums, moisturizers, or aloe gel before use was suggested to enhance the experience and effectiveness.
  4. Caution with Dental Fillings: Users with dental fillings were advised to be cautious due to potential pain caused by the interaction with the microcurrents.

Overall Impressions:

There was such a wide variety of results for the MCSYPOAL Microcurrent Facial Device . Some people loved it and others hated it. After analyzing the reviews over the past year there was 24 reviews where people complained that the device stopped working. I am always surprised at how few people mention reaching out the seller and asking for a refund. One person said they did reach out and never heard back. The rest just said they were outside the return window so it seems never bothered to ask the seller for a refund or replacement. Please always send the seller a note regarding your dissatisfaction. There will always be a small defect rate with any product but especially something electronic. Any seller worth their salt will happily offer a refund or replacement for a defective item.

Here are some examples of common complaints from the 1 & 2 Star reviews in the past year:

1.     The microcurrent part quit working. Disappointing because the first couple of days were great.

2.     It worked for a few weeks and after a full charge the 2nd-5th functions of microcurrent stopped working. I could feel the currents initially but then they stopped altogether

3.     I will be returning this. Both the balls kept coming off.

4.     Before I write this review, I wrote to the seller, but they never responded!

5.     Not sure why this is advertised as a micro current device, it’s just a facial massager. I’m very disappointed.

6.      This hurts like hell!!!! I am gooped up with thick gel and it still feels like being stung with a thousand bees and my face distorts everywhere.