BUBLOC Red Light Mask

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BUBLOC Red Light Mask

BUBLOC Red Light Mask

Price: $129.99 (Range: $116.99- $139.99)

Release Date: 07/29/2023

Ratings: 4.8 Overall 27 Total

5 Stars 86%, 4 Stars 9%, 3 Stars 5%, 2 Stars 0%, 1 Star 0%

Our Rating: 3 OUT OF 4 STARS


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Why: It’s hard to form a definitive opinion with so few reviews however when I see reviews that are all rather long and detailed and no 1 or 2 star reviews it seems that these might have been solicited reviews and that rings alarm bells for me! I feel this product does not have a very long history to know how it will perform long term.


  1. Comfortable and Effective:
  • Users love that the mask is lightweight, soft, and comfortable to wear.
  • It fits closely to the skin and feels good during LED treatments.
  • Some users have noticed significant improvements in their skin after a few uses.
  1. Cordless and User-Friendly:
  • The cordless design allows users to be hands-free while wearing the mask.
  • One-button operation for switching and gear adjustment makes it easy to use.
  • Adjustable straps conform to the contours of the face, enhancing comfort.
  1. Multiple Light Options:
  • The mask offers multiple light therapy options, including near-infrared, amber, red, and deep red lights, which users appreciate.
  • Some users find it to be a great improvement over standard LED light therapy.
  1. Price and Value:
  • Many users find the mask reasonably priced and consider it a cost-effective alternative to salon facial therapy.


Not enough reviews to quantify.

Overall, the majority of reviews seem positive, with users highlighting the comfort, effectiveness, and versatility of the LED light therapy mask.. As you see there are only 27 reviews total, almost all are positive. There are no 1 or 2 star reviews which is a bit odd. Looking at the length of each review it seems that they were probably solicited as they are unnaturally long and unlike most product reviews every single person left and 2 to 10 sentence review, nobody left just a star only review (one with no words). This product is fairly new to the market, the oldest review is from August 7/2023. This not necessarily a bad thing, remember Amazon always gives you 30 day to return an item for a full refund and the brand owner may also be willing to give you longer.


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