Super Charged Soups for Post Operative Healing

All of these soups contain important ingredients for your post op healing care. Your body will thank you for including these as a daily part of your post op recovery care plan.

What these recipes do not include is any dairy products. Dairy can be problematic for post-surgery healing due to its potential to cause digestive discomfort and inflammation, which may impede the recovery process. Additionally, individuals with undiagnosed dairy allergies or intolerances could experience adverse reactions that hinder healing and prolong recovery time. Moreover, certain dairy products might interfere with the absorption of medications essential for post-surgery care, undermining their effectiveness in supporting recovery.

For a full list of what to avoid in post surgery recovery and why nutrition is an import part of your healing process read my full article on this subject:

Main article link:  Super Charged Foods for the Best Post Operative Outcome


Here are some delicious soup recipes I tested and loved during my post op recovery.


Links to various soups:


Carrot Ginger Soup

Sweet Potato Soup

Super Powered Wound Healing Soup

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Broccoli Cashew Cream Soup

Vegan Spinach Soup

Smoky Butter Bean Soup with Tomato and Spinach

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